28 June 2021

7 ideas for a play with a dog!

Everyone who owns a dog knows that there are 3 crucial things in their rascal lives: tasty food, rest and obviously crazy fun with people!

Why is having fun so important?

As you know well – little rascals don’t like to get bored! A lack of company and interesting activities leads dog bandits to even bigger craziness, or they look for entertainment in their own right, incl. digging up a backyard or destroying household objects. The dog, just as a human being, is just bored and does not stand a lack of activity, which results in a depressed mood.

The dog sleeps between 14 and 16 hours a day, the rest of the time should be devoted to having fun with other dog pals or humans, being active, snuffing, biting, meeting their physiological needs. The needs are different depending on the dog’s breed, temperament and age. We care about the dog, its happiness and good mood.

Do you know the saying: “A tired dog is a well-behaved dog”? Running after a ball or a stick is the most well-known play but not the only one! Trying to avoid repetitiveness, use your creativity and surprise your dog bandits with new ideas. That is why we would like to help and we have come up with 7 ideas for having fun!

  1. THREE MUGS – a creative olfactory game, which will bring lots of fun to your dog and will give it a mental training.

What do you need?

– three mugs (they can be flowerpots, bowls, boxes, paper rolls – what is important is that they are not transparent

 – favorite and fragrant dog snacks

How to play?

Place 3 mugs on the floor. Hide the dog’s favorite snack under one of them and put the mugs upside down. Move them a few times as a head fake and let your pet point the mug under which there is the snack (it will surely do it by poking the mug with its nose). Raise the mug and award the dog for the right answer with a delicious prize!


A good play to diversify a walk. Pick a spot with a fallen tree, some moss and rocks, etc. in the forest. Hide meat snacks in different places within 2 meters’ diameter and pass a command “search.” Your pet sniffs out the morsels.


In this game, you use an old newspaper or a magazine – open it up and smash some pages in the middle. Hide small pieces of snacks between some pages. The dog has to find the snacks and get them out.


A bottle with a surprise – throw some deliciously smelling food inside a plastic bottle, and fill up the remaining space with a cloth so that a slip of material sticks out of the bottle. Hold the toy, and the dog tries to pull out the filler and get the delicious food.


All you need is a rope made of durable and safe material and the game is ready. You just need to remember not to pull the rope using too much strength and not to harm the dog – above all else, the game should be safe.


Football – a great alternative for mere ball chasing. Take a ball and get ready to play! The dog will chase the ball you kicked, bounce it with a nose and toss it.


Running with an owner will be much more enjoyable for the dog than chasing the ball alone. Changing the pace and the direction of running will make this popular game more diverse.

Have fun!


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